We have gathered some helpful tips for billiards that will help you improve your skills.

  1. Find a good game partner, someone who challenges you. Every time you play you'll have to work hard to win. Your partner should motivate you to improve your game and excel.

  2. It is important to keep a firm stand with your right leg straight and your left knee bent (depending on whether you are right or left handed).

  3. The hand bridge should be stable and as tight as possible, with a V shape between the fingers.

  4. Your eyes should be looking straight ahead, chin almost resting on the cue. The lower field of view allows you to aim accurately for a precise shot.

  5. Avoid hits that you believe have a lower than 60 percent odds of success (meaning that you would manage to pocket the ball only 6 shots out of 10; that's not good enough). It is best to act on a shot with high odds of success and to avoid a shot that leads to a good chance for your opponent.

  6. Your hand should be at 90 degrees with the cue; refrain from using the muscle. During the shot the hand should be relaxed and move like a pendulum so it virtually hanging off your elbow.

  7. Note that when you move the cue back and forth, the cue is exactly where you want to hit the ball. Try to avoid as much as possible tremors and unnecessary movements.

  8. After the shot it is recommended to hold the cue in the same position for a moment or until the target ball is pocketed.

  9. Even if you have a big advantage over your opponent avoid complacency and keep your concentrating. Do not be tempted to gamble and execute hard shots that will later cost you the game.

  10. Think ahead - it's not enough to pocket a ball, you have to always think about the next move and plan the rotation of the white ball.

  11. You need to devote as much time as possible for training yourself, on ways to exit common situations in the game and pocketing balls.

  12. Play with as many players as possible, with the same opponents the game may become boring. Go to tournaments, get to know more players, as you play against stronger opponents you will improve.

  13. Stay in shape. Fitness is an important component in snooker. It affects accuracy, patience, and concentration. As games become longer standing for a long time is tedious and interrupts concentration.

  14. Try to relax before the game from daily stress Try to stop thinking about the things that bother you, rest a few minutes to calm down.

Hitting the balls


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