Welcome to The Snooker Project

The site helps you find game partners easily or you can choose to only play with friends. The site welcomes players in all levels - beginners to professionals. It also enables joining tournaments created by billiards clubs.

How are we different from other sites?

We focus on snooker and pool because that's what we love.

It's easy to join a game initiated by someone else on the site. No need for a prior phone call, or chat; just click on "Join game", arrive on time, meet, and start playing.

Each user has a Profile Page, so you can get to know each other before choosing to play together. Each user is rated by other users on a number of criteria such as: reliability, playing level, punctuality etc.


Opening games with various characteristics

You can select the game type - snooker or pool (including various types of pool).

Open a private game that only friends you have invited can join or open a public game that all users can join.

To choose the number of friends you wish to allow to join the game

To choose the number of frames, location, and the desired date.

You can also choose the type of table, number of balls, and other game characteristics.

At the end of the game you update the score on the site.

View your games results and statistics of all games and tournaments you participated in.


Creating tournaments by billiards clubs and joining tournaments at all levels.

A billiards club can initiate tournaments through the site (clubs who wish to initiate tournaments and receive free updates from the site can contact us through the Contact page). Tournament participation can include a fee or to be free of charge, as decided by the tournament initiator.

When a club creates a tournament in the site, users can join the tournament through the site the same way they join a game. Once enough people join, contestants will be drawn to the various games and the tournament status will be "open".

The club updates tournament results, game progress, and announces winners, on the tournament's chart


Exploring and sharing with a wide community of players.

You can create groups of friends, which facilitates sharing acquaintances with other players.

You can send messages to other users

Site members can be added to your friends list

View tips and advices from other players


Rank and feedback of users

You can provide feedback on users on the Profile Page

The feedback consists of 4 short questions on a scale of 1 - 10; 10 being the highest rating & 1 the lowest.

You can rate a user only once and the results will be incorporated with ratings from all other users


Rank playing levels

Each user's playing level is determined by other users' answers to the feedback question "What is the user's playing level?".

Yellow is the lowest level while Black is the highest. New players, that haven't been ranked yet, are automatically assigned the lowest level

"Top players" consists of the top 10 players


Looking for more detailed information about the site?

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